Friday, July 11, 2008

Xooma Central's August Newsletter

July 11, 2008 The "Xooma News" August edition is now available.

This month's issue features news on the new Xooma EDGE energy think drink and the announcement of the all-new replicating website - all due to launch the first week of August.

Also included in this month's Xooma News is a short article about this X2O blog and an announcement of a future Xooma recipe contest.

And don't miss the opportunity to get to know Ron Howell, president & CEO of Xooma Worldwide, featured in a short interview with Mike Lemire, president of - all in this month edition of the Xooma-Central / XoomaCREW "Xooma News".

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Xooma EDGE: Launch Date Aug. 1

July 3, 2008 Get an edge on the "EDGE". Xooma Worldwide's all-new Energy "Think Drink" - Xooma EDGE, will be available in less than a month! (Scheduled launch date: Aug. 1st)

Visit for the information you need to get the "EDGE" - and discover how the all-new EDGE can boost energy, support healthy brain function and allow you to maintain peak mental alertness.

Now with extensive, pre-launch information on the all-new Xooma EDGE, also presents in-depth Xooma product information, with company news, current updates, product order links and a monthly newsletter.

The world's first all-natural energy "think drink," EDGE is specifically designed for those who want to get more out of life.

Made from plant extracts and natural compounds, the ingredients found in EDGE have been studied for years and demonstrate proven effects on increasing mental energy and cognition.

You will find NO sugar, NO fake sweeteners- just clean energy and a sharp mind.

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