Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Xooma-Central Product Blog

The Xooma opportunity can easily be broken into 2 main parts: The Products and The Business of Marketing the Products.

This blog is devoted to The Xooma Products.

Our other blog, is devoted to Xooma Marketing and Business Building.

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Xooma’s premiere product is Xtreme X2O.

Xtreme X2O
- Amazing patented technology!
- Hydrates, mineralizes, revitalizes, alkalinizes
- Contains calcium, magnesium and over 70 trace minerals (electrolytes)
- Hydrates you at the cellular level
- Helps balance your pH for optimal health

To compliment Xtreme X2O is X2O BLAST.

X2O Blast
- The world’s first, all-natural, HEALTHY water flavoring product!
- 100% Natural – No artificial color, sweeteners, etc. Zero glycemic value - safe for everyone.
- Three delicious flavors, packed full of vitamin C with an incredibly high antioxidant level

No other products offer such dramatic improvements in our health and well-being. They revitalize, mineralize, hydrate at the cellular level, balance your system’s pH, and provide extremely high levels of antioxidants.

Xooma Worldwide offers over 30 cutting edge products – available online, exclusively through independent Xooma Distributors.

This product information blog is produced by Xooma-Central and the independent distributor group, The Xooma CREW and is designed to provide easy reference for all CREW members – and anyone else interested in our perspective of the primary Xooma products.

CREW Members are invited to submit articles, information and tips that fellow CREW members may find helpful.

You may find it useful to check back regularly (or subscribe to the rss feed at the bottom of the page) for up-to-date product information and use it as an additional source of information anytime.

Special note: While this blog no longer receives regular additions due to time restraints, it's filled with information about Xooma products that we hope will be helpful to everyone looking for it. We maintain this blog's links and as active Xooma promoters, as time allows, we'll still provide important Xooma updates here - and on our Xooma business blog

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