Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Xooma X2O BLAST with Brad King

Xooma’s X2O BLAST is an amazing new HEALTHY water flavoring product.

Explaining this breakthrough product is Brad King, a well respected nutritional researcher, performance nutritionist and fitness expert. Brad holds a Masters in Nutritional Science and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association as a master of fitness science.

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Q&A with Brad King:

What exactly is X2O Blast?

BK: X2O Blast is a one-of-a-kind 100% natural, 0 glycemic, high ORAC (3,000/per serving) water sweetener that contains absolutely NO: artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or fructose. The 100% natural sweeteners in X2O Blast are even grown under organic conditions and may soon be able to be labeled as Certified Organic. The main objective of X2O Blast is to provide a healthy alternative to the myriad artificially sweetened and high glycemic drinks available in the market.

Can you explain exactly what “zero glycemic” means?

BK: X2O Blast can be called a “zero glycemic” sweetening agent because it does not spike blood sugar in any way and therefore doesn’t trigger an undesirable insulin response. Foods or sweeteners that have a high glycemic value often result in a high insulin response (in order to bring the blood sugar back to an acceptable range), which can often create unwanted reactions like hypo and hyper-glycemia, excess fat storage and even premature aging. Given the fact that diabetes and Syndrome-X related illness is our next great health epidemic, this is perhaps the most important aspect of X2O Blast… great flavor with NO affect on one’s bloodsugar!

Why is X2O Blast such an important complement to X2O water?

BK: Because we are bombarded by nearly 10,000 free-radical attacks every day and very few of us are taking enough antioxidant protection due to our extremely low intake of high ORAC fruits and vegetables. With a guarantee of 3,000 ORAC Units per serving of X2O Blast, one can ensure optimal antioxidant intake by drinking the most important liquid designed for the human body—WATER.

What exactly is X2O Blast? What additional health benefit can a person expect from using X2O Blast?

BK: The 100% natural sweetening agents used in X2O Blast have been around—and used safely—for hundreds of years. They are there solely to sweeten water in the healthiest way possible, without causing potential harm as the majority of high-glycemic sugars and artificial sweeteners do.
The enhanced health benefit associated with X2O Blast comes from the proprietary inclusion of natures most powerful antioxidant—coffeeberry™. Coffeeberry™ is a proprietary patented extract of the whole fruit where coffee beans are derived from. It is designed to deliver all of the health benefits associated with coffee, without any of the side effects (due to only trace amounts of caffeine). Aside from providing an unprecedented 3,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Units per X2O Blast serving (the average North American is believed to take in under 1,700 ORAC Units per day), coffeeberry also contains unique phytonutrients (specialized plant chemicals) that help to naturally control blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, reduce coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, inhibit kidney stones and obviously provide superior antioxidant protection to the trillions of cells throughout the body.

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Xooma Member Services said...

Hi, we just wanted to update your readers on the X2O Blast. At the end of 2011, we will be launching a new and improved X2O Blast. The new formulation will not have Coffeeberry TM in the product. Please check back with us for more details.